Saturday, January 21, 2012

UTAU profiles

I will write down here the profiles of all the UTAUs I've made or I was involved in their creation!

vo: Rokurin

vo: Snow

vo: wststret

vo: Mitzuke

vo: JavaLeen


Name: VIRGIL (Japanese: ビージル)

Type: ROloid - (Romanian UTAUloid)
Model: R04

Gender: Male
Age: 16
Height: 172 cm
Birthday: 16 October
Likes: poetry and literature, French, cute girls
Dislikes: the cold, being ignored by cute girls
Personality: romantic, kind of clumsy with breakable objects, open. (Users and artists are free to change it!)

Hair: blonde
Eyes: brown

Release date: 16 October 2011
Voicer, designer, programmer: Rokurin (Shiva)

Related character: N/A
Twitter bot: @VIRGIL_bot


VIRGIL (Japanese, CV)
(you might want to add a g-3 or g-5 flag to the UST when using him)


Name: CRINA (Japanese: クリナ)

Type: ROloid - (Romanian UTAUloid)
Model: R01

Gender: Female
Age: 19
Height: 5'7" feet (170 cm)
Birthday: 22 November
Likes: white, order
Dislikes: cooking, messiness

Hair: light blue
Eyes: yellow/golden

Release date: 22 November 2010
Voicer, designer: Rokurin (Shiva)
OTO.ini programmer: Tady (CRINA2.0), Rokurin(CRINA VCV)

Related character: Alexa (younger sister)
Twitter bot: @CRINA_bot

Nicovideo: CRINA(クリナ)CRINA
Youtube playlist: CRINA

CRINA VCV (Japanese, VCV) - strong voice (C4 set) + belting samples (A4 set) 
(this voicebank is doublepitch / prefix map included)

CRINA2.0 (Japanese; CV) - strong, default voice

CRINA Blajin Append  (Japanese; CV) - soft voice

CRINA Romanian Voicebank  (CV-VC) -strong, default voice

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

RO > JP sound list

This is some sort of guide to JP pronunciation for Romanian speakers, but it's also a guide for using CRINA's Romanian voicebank to emulate Japanese.

First of all, the Japanese 「う」isn't the same thing as the Romanian  「u 」, it sounds like a mix between   「u 」 and  「â/î」  (written "ii" in the voicebank's filenames). Therefore the voicebank will always have an accent. Another source of accent might prove to be the difference between the Japanese 「し」and the Romanian 「şi」, the JP one being more slurred/lispy.

a = あ (a)
e = え (e)
i = い (i)
o = お (o)
u = う (u)
ca  = か (ka)
che = け(ke)
chi  = き (ki)
co  = こ (ko)
cu  = く (ku)
chea  = きゃ (kya)
cheo= きょ (kyo)
chie = きぇ (kye)
chiu = きゅ (kyu)
ta = た (ta)
te = て (te)
ci = ち (chi)
to = と (to)
ţu = つ (tsu)
cea = ちゃ (cha)
ce = ちぇ (che)
ceo = ちょ (cho)
ciu = ちゅ (chu)
ga = が (ga)
ghe = げ (ge)
ghi = ぎ (gi)
go = ご (go)
gu = ぐ (gu)
ghea = ぎゃ(gya)
gheo = ぎょ (gyo)
ghiu = ぎゅ (gyu)
ghie = ぎぇ (gye)
da = だ (da)
de = で (de)
do  = ど (do)
na = な (na)
ne = ね (ne)
ni = に (ni)
no = の (no)
nu = ぬ (nu)
nea = にゃ(nya)
neo = にょ (nyo)
niu = にゅ (nyu)
nie = にぇ (nye)
ma = ま (ma)
me  = め (me)
mi = み (mi)
mo = も (mo)
mu = む (mu)
mea = みゃ (mya)
mie = みぇ (mye)
meo = みょ (myo)
miu = みゅ (myu)
ha = は (ha)
he = へ (he)
hi = ひ (hi)
ho = ほ (ho)
hu = ふ (fu)
hia = ひゃ (hya)
hio = ひょ (hio)
hie = ひぇ (hye)
hiu = ひゅ (hiu)
ba = ば (ba)
be = べ (be)
bi = び (bi)
bo = ぼ (bo)
bu = ぶ (bu)
pa = ぱ (pa)
pe = ぺ (pe)
pi = ぴ (pi)
po = ぽ (po)
pu = ぷ (pu)
bea = びゃ (bya)
beo = びょ (byo)
bie = びぇ (bye)
biu = びゅ (byu)
pea = ぴゃ(pya)
peo = ぴょ (pyo)
pie = ぴぇ (pye)
piu = ぴゅ (pyu)
sa = さ (sa)
se = せ(se)
şi = し (shi)
so = そ (so)
su = す (su)
şa = しゃ (sha)
şe = しぇ (she)
şo = しょ (sho)
şu = しゅ (shu)
za = ざ (dza)
ze = ぜ (dze)
zo = ぞ (dzo)
zu = ず (dzu)
gi = じ (ji)
gea = じゃ (ja)
geo = じょ (jo)
giu = じゅ (ju)
ge = じぇ (je)
oa = わ (wa)
uo = を (wo)
n = ん (n)
ea/ia = や (ya)
io = よ (yo)
iu = ゆ (yu)