Saturday, January 1, 2011

[Rokune Zon] Secret Police [UTAUcover]

Original song by BuriruP for Hatsune Miku sm12695779
UST by ttubi
Vocals by Rokune Zon
drawing by Shiva
UTAUloids that appear in the bg image:
Utane Nami
Kasane Teto
Kaneyama Shou
Nagine Yohji

....first time using VCV and it's asdsdfdgfhfjh *never going to do it again*
Zon's voice is very ... interesting xD Rokuzou [his voicer] did a nice job making him sound unique! I might use him again if I can find songs that suit him.

Also, his design is based on Mushishi's protagonist and I LOVE IT.

Zon's release video: sm13012106

Song by Wowaka for Hatsune Miku
UST by Koorima
Art by Shiva

I didn't know what to cover with Owata: Toosenbo or SKELETON LIFE? A friend whoisaWowakafangirl said she preferred the first one so this appeared 8D;;;;

【UTAU】ずれていく【クリナ / CRINA】

thefalleninfant   made a cover of wowaka's song Zurete Iku with CRINA! Thank you, Ren! ;u;

[UTAUカバー] 闇色アリス [CRINA]

Original by samfree feat. Hatsune Miku : sm6206647
UST by Yurahonya P
Illustration: Shiva

[UTAUcover] Love is War - Club House MIX [CRINA]

Original by Ryo for Hatsune Miku
Remix by DATEKEN for Kagamine Rin
VSQ by sango312
UST conversion and editing by me

After 2 failed attempts to upload this, FINALLY A SUCCESS. Thank you, Jadii, for teaching me how to work with Youtube ( ´ ▽ ` )
It didn't turn out to be HQ, but at least it didn't skew anymore. It's a step forward! lololol It looks like I also had a little too much fun typesetting tehehe

The UST took long enough to make, mainly because I'm still learning. I'm sorry if it isn't the best m(_ _)m

I really liked sango312's Kyoteru cover of this song and fell in love with DATEKEN's style xD

CRINA1.O voicebank download


UTAU wikia

An alternative OTO.ini by tady159 can be downloaded here .