Saturday, January 1, 2011

[Rokune Zon] Secret Police [UTAUcover]

Original song by BuriruP for Hatsune Miku sm12695779
UST by ttubi
Vocals by Rokune Zon
drawing by Shiva
UTAUloids that appear in the bg image:
Utane Nami
Kasane Teto
Kaneyama Shou
Nagine Yohji

....first time using VCV and it's asdsdfdgfhfjh *never going to do it again*
Zon's voice is very ... interesting xD Rokuzou [his voicer] did a nice job making him sound unique! I might use him again if I can find songs that suit him.

Also, his design is based on Mushishi's protagonist and I LOVE IT.

Zon's release video: sm13012106

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